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WIth the artifice of Christmas survived I find myself a world of snow, ice and -18 temperatures.  When going outside can kill you I respond with hibernation.  My body barely works and my mind less so.

It’s just unnatural to be in this environment. I can’t help but see winter as a metaphor for autism.  The neurotypical world is full of artifice.  People pretending all the time that life is good.  Is it?  It seems one has to work had to make it true.


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And so this is Christmas…   Leave a comment

I get it.

I can see through the fog of distance the benefits of communal celebration … of community and of family.

Family for me is my Mom.  And thank God for her.  If anyone has had a hand in my survival it’s my Mom.

And community, well this season has been one of learning for me.  Learning that people do help you when you’re down.  All you have to do is ask.   Community services and friends and family have helped me so much this year.  And I am grateful and heartened.

But the gift of charity is more than the item given, it is also a vote of confidence.  That one is a part of something greater and is valued.

Inclusion I think is the gift of charity.  And the shared strength of a community.

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